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Cullman said. India is the only country where he would hear TV in the street, knock on the door and be invited right in. Later viewings by appointment only. Sanctions on Maduro Regime. By Margherita Stancati.

Much more than documents.

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Popular on WSJ. Thank you This article has been sent to. Text Size. Having less errors is vital to your score. I am currently putting together an E-book of Grammar for Writing Task 2 which explains this in more detail and gives examples of both tenses and sentence structures that can be used.

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It should be ready later this year. Dear Liz, You are doing a very great job. I appreciate your selflessness and patience. Dear Liz, Thank you very much for your model essay and holistic tips. I have repeatedly read the question prompt and tried to understand the requirement of reply. Then I have found the sequential portrait of your essay. It is logically set and formally presented. Even, the structure of this is well organized. I am personally happy to find such a standard essay with band 9.

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Wonderful indeed! Hi I hope you doing well. I just want to thank you for all your lessons which are free available online. They really helped me in my exam I achieved my score. Once again thank you and god bless you.

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Hi liz, Sometimes there are writing tasks 2 essay coming with 3 questions. In such case, how about introduction para. The intro thesis will introduce the main direction you will be taking. For three questions, you can have three body paragraphs. There are no fixed rules about this, but it is perfectly fine to have three body paragraphs. Fingers crossed. The Grammar for Writing Task 2 is in progress at present. Not sure how long that will take. Some time this year for sure. And when the question is discuss both views and give your opinion, is it okay if I have two body paragraphs for the views and then include my opinion with the conclusion?

Your opinion will be body paragraph 1 and your solutions will be body paragraph 2. Your conclusion summarises it all. Hi Liz, thank you so much for these useful tips, they really are very helpful! Will register affect the score? I personally struggle with the formal language when expressing ideas, it sounds rather unnatural and pretentious…. GT writing task 2 is marked with more generosity, but I would still try to avoid slipping into informal language. So, this is not a case of changing your writing, it is a case of avoiding certainly errors.

Must we always agree with the topic given. Can i also disagree. I disagree when i wrote the essay and linked obesity to genetic. I said it is hereditary although being idle can also be a major factor. If you said it is genetic, but that being idle can be a contributing factor, you have not disagreed. A complete disagreement is that watch TV for one hour or ten hours a day does not contribute in any way to weight problems. Your view is therefore the same as mine — it is a partial agreement. You agree that watching too much TV can lead to problems, but that the main cause is genetic. Your first body paragraph will then explain your whole view.

Thank you Liz! Recently, I subscribed to your site and I thoroughly enjoyed doing this activity. After your site, my interest for English language as such has increased. Thanks Liz…….. It would be a proud moment for us if you insert our name in your book….. I know …..

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I feel so friendly to communicate to you … You are great continue the inspiraring work of reaching millions in thier needs……. God bless you. Great job, Liz. You are really a source of inspiration to many of us. Thanks a big bunch! I thought it is necessary to mention the solution part in introduction! But apparently I was wrong! Again, it is important to realised there is a degree of flexibility in how you write your essay and where you put particular content. Dear Liz May I request you to kindly proofread this essay once again for glaring errors in word order and grammar.

We follow your posts very closely and would like you to maintain the highest standards. We look forward to reading a revised version soon.

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Regards Shane. I really appreciate people pointing out mistakes over looked in proof reading, typing or in saving changes when I edit at a time when my computer crashes. But I do not at all appreciate your condescending tone. Please do not ever speak to me like that again.

There are many ways to correct someone and that is not one of them as you should know as a teacher yourself. Part of teaching is about setting an example of generosity, support, kindness and respect. It is about treating the people you interact with as complete equals regardless of any mistakes they make or language errors they make.

Have you forgotten this aspect of teaching? You should learn from the students and people preparing for IELTS on this site how to use English in a non-passive aggressive manner and in a respectful way. If you teach EFL, this is doubly important. Never abuse the language you teach by hiding disrespectful remarks behind a front of politeness. I totally agree with your answer Liz. The tone is not appropriate at all and I also felt the same way. Thanks for helping us grow better as a teacher and in this case as a person. Thank you so much. But I do sometimes feel that I need to speak out.

Please correct me, if my understanding is incorrect. Well done Liz!

essay about people watching Essay about people watching
essay about people watching Essay about people watching
essay about people watching Essay about people watching
essay about people watching Essay about people watching
essay about people watching Essay about people watching
essay about people watching Essay about people watching
essay about people watching Essay about people watching
essay about people watching Essay about people watching
essay about people watching Essay about people watching

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