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Afghanistan is a country with really complex history, which is located in southern Asia and it is often called the cross road of central Asia. The country is made up of different ethnic of people who are speaking different languages. Afghanistan occupied by British and Soviet armies.

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The Soviet Union and British empires sent more than thousands of their troops and immediately took political and military control Strong Essays words 2. The answer is obvious that most of people will think about blood, combat and destroyed places. It is fact that Afghanistan is not a developed country, but still people can see some obvious progress in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has been under the governor of many countries for thirty years. At first British come to Afghanistan in order to colonize India then Russia came in Afghanistan for the same purpose, and finally Taliban came and made Afghanistan ground of war Strong Essays words 4. In a war-affected country like Afghanistan, without peace we cannot ensure economic growth, employment, education, and live a comfortable life. Afghanistan has a strategic geopolitical location in the region. Looking back to the history it is a country suffered decades of civil war that deteriorated every system of the government.

Afghanistan is not lost but has been backward for many years If I call out the name of Afghanistan anywhere, how would some people think about this country. The reply is obvious that most of the people will think about bloodsheds, combats, and a completely destroyed land. It is a fact that Afghanistan is not a developed country or even hardly a developed nation, but still there are a few people who can see some obvious progress in Afghanistan.

It is a country which has gone under the invention and destruction of so many other foreign countries for over three decades Strong Essays words 5. This violence anti-education prevents almost five million Afghan children from attending school and receiving a proper education necessary for leading a decent life. The organization focuses on providing full educational, health, and economic opportunities to the Afghan society Russia in Subsequently in ten years, anti-communist forces provided and trained by the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan assisted in the removal of the Soviet power.

As the fighting resumed, a fundamentalist Islamic movement referred to as the Taliban managed to seize most of the country. Under their ascendancy, the country of Afghanistan became extremely improvished and suffered from a fallen governmental infrastructure Free Essays words 3. Undernourished children with their growths lacking physical and mental capabilities are less effective and have low earnings. Americans are replacing effective teaching with needless and tedious assignments, only to overwork students.

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Since when is staying up until one in the morning doing busy work more valuable than having free time to explore passions and learning life lessons through experience? Schools today are not preparing students to be lifelong learners and successful participants in the real world at an adequate level.

Schools kill creativity. Students are not given possibilities to explore their areas of interest deeply, as they are forced to follow an extremely structured course of education. Ideas that do not fit within assignment guidelines are shot down and disregarded. Many students cannot succeed in this rigid system that limits their curious natures and personal passions. Her ability to focus and grades were not great.

But she loved to dance. She learned best when she was moving, which schools restrict. Because of this, she transferred to a dance school where she became a successful and eventually professional dancer. If she had continued attending a regular school, she would not have been able to succeed to that extent later in life due to the boundaries school set around how students learn.

These restrictions can prevent learning more than they inhibit it in many cases.

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They cause students to lose their natural creativity and conform to dull, meaningless standards. In this way, schools often prevent students from flourishing to their maximum potential.

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The education system is too controlling over students. Schools prevent students from growing and learning at their own pace, as intended in nature. Students are forced to change their motives to attaining good grades over learning at their own speed for their own benefit and personal fulfillment. The pressure from schools to keep up and follow the rigid schedule that is loaded with an abundance of work leaves students scurrying to get things done.

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The repercussion is a short fall in quality. Students scratch out work in order to complete tasks at the lowest quality possible while still attaining a solid grade. The demand of the education system for students to excel in grades and scores so they will be accepted into highly regarded colleges causes students to do their work solely to achieve these high grades and scores, rather than with the honest intent to learn.

In his essay "Education", Ralph Waldo Emerson speaks of how students need patience and freedom of opportunity and ideas to become educated. Students learn best with an illimitable soul, searching to grow in understanding and discover new things. Emerson writes, "Now the correction of this quack practice is to import into Education the wisdom of life. Leave this military hurry and adapt the pace of Nature. Her secret is patience.

The Education System In Pakistan Education Essay

Extreme pressure, lack of sleep, and piles of work are causing kids to crack. No student can be successful if he or she is not healthy. To be healthy, family and friends, and extracurricular activities should be valued in addition to education, but schools are not allowing students time for these things. Students can learn just as much about themselves and the world from real life experiences versus structured courses in school. The film "Race to Nowhere" by Vicki Abeles talks about how one girl gets stomach aches from stress. She is also sleep deprived on account of large, unreasonable amounts of homework.

Additionally, it tells of a year-old girl who committed suicide. It is thought her reason for killing herself was insurmountable pressure from school.

Her math class was difficult for her and she was not getting the grades she desired. School should never play a factor in someone's death. For these reasons, along with various others, the education system is functioning poorly. Students are not becoming life-long learners because their creativity and love of learning is stifled.

The Education System In Pakistan Education Essay

They are not being prepared to be successful participants in the real world, because their drive is not towards becoming more knowledgeable, but towards attaining superficial titles or awards. The highly competitive environment of schools misguides students to want to have great grades rather than discovering the answers to their innate curiosities. The pressure to succeed in work-heavy, difficult classes can result in compromised health and high amounts of stress. This is not how education should be. Students should be guided to become the optimal, personalized version of themselves, not limited to being defined by grades and their struggle succeeding in a flawed education system.

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essay about the education system Essay about the education system
essay about the education system Essay about the education system
essay about the education system Essay about the education system
essay about the education system Essay about the education system
essay about the education system Essay about the education system
essay about the education system Essay about the education system
essay about the education system Essay about the education system

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