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They would spend their entire lives in one house and one job. When we talk of society, we find a number of differences as well. Our culture influences how we approach problems, and how we participate in communities. Sometimes we are not even aware of cultural implications, which lead to undesirable consequences. In America for example, there are often frank opinions given and are expected but in Russia, such opinions can result in development of conflicts.

Law is an important component of society and in United States, there are strict rules which protect individual rights.

The law in Russia however serves to protect the state and the community rather than the individual. To conclude, culture plays a vital role in human life.

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It sets social, ethical and moral values and standards, which one follows without any justification. While analyzing cultures of United States and Russia, there were few similarities found but both the countries stand far a apart when we compare their people and the society. Compare and Contrast of Different Cultural Approaches. Accessed October 19, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers.

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Views: You know hare you fit in the structure and you abide by the rules there. Americans tend to be more respectful towards workers who are serving them. It is not uncommon to find various social classes socializing and knowing each other a norm which is unlikely in the Chinese culture.

When it comes to matters infrastructure the two countries are far ahead. There is thus a heavy emphasis on funding thus ensuring that these transportation methods are as efficient as possible. China is among the leading emitters suitable safer modes of transports including bikes are being adopted where complete roads with lanes reserved for bikes are built to facilitate this transportation. In the U. S, however, there tend to be frequent failures of the metro system in the major cities which is not very good for the country.

Differences between living in the U.

Compare & Contrast Essay

Cultural differences between China and America. Thesis- factors differentiating the United States and China vary from culture, moral values, social structure, food, business relations and infrastructure. Since both countries tend to have some cultural background which translates into how they handle things. The only way the two global giants can sincerely appreciate their differences is via learning from each other. Your email address will not be published. In my professional practice as a sociology student, I had to report on child observation. In this essay, I will provide my evaluation of child development basing my arguments on the comments I made.

I Read more…. Outline Thesis: The Second World War started in and ended in although the conflicts that led to the emergence of the war had started earlier.

The fight is believed to have been caused Read more…. Compare and contrast essay between two countries- United States vs. China Published by admin on June 5, China Living in a culture that is different from ours can either be an exciting or a challenging experience. References Usatoday. In this paper I would be analyzing each culture giving a brief background and pointing out some aspects in how they differ, like the perception of time, family, orientation, and others Strong Essays words 5.

The perception of identity has changed due to the growing human population, and being able to distinguish oneself from the general population. Identity is the uniqueness of a person. As people get older, their identity might change since they become more aware of the society and also are more independent.

By creating and recognizing an identity, one can interact with others who have a similar identity. Identity can be formed socially Focusing on cultural anthropology has proven to be full of new experiences and new ways of thinking. Through this class topics such as kinship, gender, marriage and cultures have been introduced and discussed. Learning about different societies has allowed me to shed a little ethnocentrism of my own, or at least recognize when I am being ethnocentric.

The main subject talked about throughout the quarter was the relationship between America and India Strong Essays words 4. What makes cultures unique and different from one another are the hidden rules individuals of a group understand and expose via cultural acts. Because the elements of culture are comprehended in terms of their relationship to a system, it can be argued that different semantics such as structuralism and cognitive processes can assume the universality of human thought existing in cultural phenomena One can discern that the patrons were wealthy because of the material used to create the pieces of art.

Both objects are bronze sculptures, which signified rank and status through the duration of early Chinese history. Thorp, p. A greater amount of pieces in a collection signified a higher ranking in the culture for the owner of the art. This limitation is very important as it argues that the behaviour and communication need to be understood within the context in which they occur, and this context considerably differs from one culture to another.

Therefore we can readily accept that there are large differences in interpersonal relationships between cultures When comparing the three styles of parenting, Authoritarian, Authoritative, and Permissive you can explain how these styles of parenting can negatively or positively affect children and how they affect the parenting styles the child might choose when they themselves become parents. These supernatural beings were considered to be Gods.

Compare and Contrast of Different Cultural Approaches Essay Example

Great civilizations were built and others destroyed to honor these Gods. The surviving civilizations flourished, become grander and more multifarious, its citizens became disciples and influence others to worship their Gods. Comparing and contrasting the origins of religion would take a very long time due to the sheer volume of current religion Physically , the Northern colonies were covered with mountains, cold climate, and thin soil. As a result of the colonies tedious geographical location, the Northern colonies established their economy through a commercially based society, among the notion of vast trading, small independent farming and shipbuilding These differences are going to be analysed through a situation in which a British woman manager who travels to Brazil in order to make business.

Countries with a high score tend to accept that wealth and power is not distributed equally in their society. Authorities in power distance countries can have an influence on the individual, while in low power distance countries authorities are more questioned and control is disliked. In societies with high power distance, status symbols are important to show their standing in the society. Strong hierarchy lines exist in the business life in Brazil, and furthermore, the level of inequality can be seen as Brazil is a country with a big gap between the rich and the poor One of the most significant choices that you will make is when you choose the person that you wish to spend the rest of your life with.

But for some people this choice is unfortunately taken away when they are born into a culture that believes in the arrangement of a marriage.

Cultural Essay: Difference Of East And West

A decision and a choice so important is not yours to make but left for someone else to decide without taking happiness into consideration. In the ancient Babylonian depiction of the flood story, the god Enlil creates a flood to destroy a noisy mankind that is disturbing his sleep. Gilgamesh is told by another god, Ea, to build an ark Monack 1. The Epic of Gilgamesh has broadly the same structure and plot as Noah's Ark, suggesting the possibility that the Biblical account has drawn influence from the archaeologically older Sumerian depiction Although at times vice may appear to triumph over virtue, ultimately poetry presents virtue as superior based on the differing definitions of virtue Canada and America are puzzles, two countries that are home to millions of people, living in relative comfort and health.

We both have become nations through the help of each other and other nations. Yet, Canada has its own identity as a delightful complexity of cultures and customs, government and heroes. On the other hand, Canadians are simply not Americans by government and technology Identity can be influenced by culture, community, and diversity, it can be represented and communicated in many different ways as well. Both artists represent culture identity in their works but in different ways as well as have different views on the subject of cultural identities.

Ah Xian born in Beijing in left china following the Tiananmen Square incident in , also known as tank man incident, and moved to Sydney Australia Though founded at different periods of time, Christianity and Buddhism have shaped cultures and have had a great influence on people all around the world with origins, customs and beliefs. Siddhartha Gautama was born about B. He left his wealthy lifestyle when he was about 29 to seek wisdom. For years, he found not wisdom but only pain.

After meditating for several days under a tree, enlightenment finally came to him Free Essays words 1. These explanatory theories, often taking the form of stories or chronicles, are usually linked to some sort of mysticism or divine intervention. Thus the explanatory accounts that man crafts enhance his Powerful Essays words 6. Both books take place around the same time frame, AD. It would be just to think that since both books take place in a western civilization, both books would reflect the same morals and daily life styles.

essay on comparing cultures Essay on comparing cultures
essay on comparing cultures Essay on comparing cultures
essay on comparing cultures Essay on comparing cultures
essay on comparing cultures Essay on comparing cultures
essay on comparing cultures Essay on comparing cultures
essay on comparing cultures Essay on comparing cultures

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