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In his Mercedes car on his way to the factory, he saw many villagers walking bare- footed. Karim was very busy that morning. There was a very important meeting with some fabric managers from United Kingdom. He was hoping that his business proposal to build a factory in Edinburgh, Scotland became a reality after meeting the important people.

Suddenly there was an urgent call from one of the villagers. At first he wanted to ignore the call, but then answered when the man sounded panicked. He was very shocked to be informed that his big bungalow house was on fire!


His wife and children were in the house when he left in the morning. After apologizing to the foreign visitors, he left his company immediately. Mat drove very fast so that they could reach Kampong Banggol at once. Karim was very panicked that he forgot to dial to get help from the police, rescue workers and ambulance. He became very sad thinking about the possibility that his wife and children were already killed in the fire. For sure nobody in the village wanted to help him to save the lives of his family as he was not friendly at all to them.

He then realized it was a big mistake of him not to establish good relationship with the villagers. At that moment nobody was going to help him. He reached his house 20 minutes later. To his surprise he saw so many villagers helping to stop the fire. There were also rescue workers, police and ambulance at the place.

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Karim was speechless. He was so embarrassed by his own unfriendly behaviour. Despite his rotten behaviour, the villagers were still nice and helpful to him. It was the villagers who made the initiative to contact him at the factory and to dial It was the villagers who made the first move to stop the fire and save his wife and children before the rescue workers, police and ambulance arrived. Karim realized his big mistake. He regretted himself for being very snobbish to the people who in turn helped him regardless of the cold friendship.

He realized that money could not buy everything. It was important but there was time when money was just a symbol of wealth which did mean anything to people. There was more than money that people needed in their life. It was true friendship and public spiritedness which brought happiness and meaning of life.

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Everybody needed other people in their life no matter how rich they were. Heavy and tough work could be light when there was a sense of cooperation, togetherness and public spiritedness in each of the Malay citizens. Description must be lively and interesting. Describe activities in details. Activities are arranged in order.

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Highlight persons involved and what they are doing. In your description, include the people and activities going on. Give an introduction to the place. Give a physical description of the place from outside moving to inside. Describe what you see and hear.

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Describe in details the activities and attractions. You can include personal feelings about the place. Include : If he is a famous person, mention why he is famous. Your descriptions must be interesting. Be clear about what you are describing. Mention the special features why the person is outstanding. Use present tenses if the person is still alive. When describing a place, you are required to describe the place in detail.

The time for the night market to open is after Asar until 10 pm. It is available in most of residential areas. In the night market hawkers open stalls selling food, drinks, fruits, flowers, raw fish and meat, vegetables, clothes and many more. The stalls line the streets in the areas.

The night market is so popular among Malaysians.

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Apart from selling food at cheap prices, it is fresh and nice to eat. In many stalls, there are a variety of items on sale. As the night market operates from one area to another, people can easily get what they want without making an effort of going out to distant shops or markets.

There are many benefits the night market can offer to people. As it is available at night, members of a family can shop together. After Asar usually By spending time together to shop at the night market, it promotes togetherness and unity among family members. Neighbours also have the chance to meet at the night market if they do not have time to see each other in their housing areas. By meeting each other, the spirit of friendliness and neighbourliness is inculcated and strengthened.

On the part of the traders, the night market provides a source of income to them. It is the place where they can sell food and items to other people with a small fee to pay to the authority. The night market is suitable for new traders who want to test the market for the new products. Some hawkers can sell homemade products like fruit jam and pizzas to earn extra money. Home grown vegetables and fruits can be sold at cheap prices. People love to buy home them as they are fresh and plentiful.

It is good that creativity in producing these goods is given to sellers. In the night market, people can also get munchies like local fish crackers, tapioca crackers, traditional cakes and which are unavailable in big supermarkets and shopping malls. The food can be bought and presented to relatives and friends who live in other states. In certain night markets, food like salted fish, dried prawns and squids are sold for tourists. They can also get items like watches, wall clocks, calculators and t-shirts at reduced prices.

Price reduction and availability of the items encourage the tourists to shop for more and bring the items back to their states or countries.

The night market is a way of life in Malaysia. After a long and stressful day, family members can get instant homemade and cooked food at the night market. Shopping together spurs togetherness and unity among families and residents. It is a channel in which local products can be creatively produced and sold to others and a source of income for traders and hawkers who operate small business. She was born in Pasir Jertih, Terengganu on 8 August She built a house in Year and now lives in Besut, Terengganu.

The school is situated at Jalan Derdap, Jertih. She was sent to and from school by trishaw. The man riding the trishaw, named Abang Hassan, lived near her house. When she reached the age of eleven, her late father, Tn. Yusof bin Karim bought her a bicycle. She cycled to school with her good friend, Norsiah.

The class was One Science One. She was thankful to all her primary school teachers for educating and teaching her to be one of brilliant students in class. She was in the secondary school for five years. In SPM she scored an excellent result and was offered to further studies in United Kingdom for six years.

Pmr essays informal letter
Pmr essays informal letter
Pmr essays informal letter
Pmr essays informal letter
Pmr essays informal letter

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