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Aegis Trust Receives the Raphael Lemkin International Award

Mira L. Published online: 2 Sep Published online: 20 Aug Published online: 17 Aug Law must be built, do you understand me? You must build the law! Lemkin was born on June 24, near Bezwodene, Poland, which at that time was part of Western Russia. His parents, both Jewish, owned a farm where Dr. Lemkin received his early education from his mother.

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He later studied in France, Italy, and in Germany at the University of Heidelberg, and received a doctorate degree in philology from the University of Lwow in Lemkin spoke nine languages and was able to read fourteen. His first position in law was that of secretary for the Court of Appeals in Warsaw, and he later became a public prosecutor in that city. From to Dr. It was during that time that he represented Poland at numerous international conferences. Two cases of mass persecution in set the course of his life's work: the destruction of Christians in Iraq and the developing scheme of Hitler to annihilate European Jews and other minorities.

Lemkin first proposed an international document to outlaw "acts of barbarism and vandalism" as an instrument to protect minority populations. At that time his proposal was dismissed, and his efforts brought him into disfavor with the Polish government, which was attempting conciliation with Nazi Germany.

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Forced to resign his government posts, Dr. Lemkin went into private practice in and renewed his efforts on codification of Polish law.

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Germany invaded Poland in , and Dr. Lemkin took to the forests as a guerrilla fighter. Of his family, only his brother Elias survived the invasion. In Dr. Lemkin escaped to Sweden where he accepted a position at Stockholm University teaching international law international payments, foreign exchange, banking laws. It was there that he began compiling documents on Nazi rule in the occupied countries of Europe. Shortly after arriving in the U. Lemkin obtained a position at Duke teaching international law. While at Duke he was appointed to the United States Board of Economic Warfare and later became a special adviser on foreign affairs at the War Department.

Merle Fainsod's review of the book 58 Harv. Much of the story is irretrievably lost in the flames of a score of Lidices and in the ashes of the murder-chambers that blackened Hitler's Europe.

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Lemkin's collection will provide an invaluable sourcebook from which to document that unctuous and peculiarly distasteful structure of pseudo-legality with which the Nazis and their collaborations sought to make death and slavery palatable to the world. It was in Axis Rule that the term "genocide" first appeared in print. Lemkin coined the phrase after hearing Winston Churchill refer to Nazi atrocities as "a crime without a name.

He defined the concept as a state sponsored, coordinated plan aimed at the physical annihilation of a national group or groups. Such destruction may include disintegration of the political, social, economic, religious, and cultural institutions--the essential foundations of nationality. Axis Rule became a valuable source of information at the Nuremberg trials, where Lemkin became an adviser to Justice Robert Jackson.

In response to critics of the trials who argued that it was an application of ex post facto laws, Dr.

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Lemkin wrote: International law is a body of flexible and un-codified rules of behavior among nations, based upon precedents, customs, treaties, and ethical concepts. The principle of ex post facto in criminal law tends to protect the individual's liberty. A person should not be oppressed by the state when he commits an act which seems to him fair and decent and which becomes a crime only through subsequent legislation.

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Murders and atrocities as such were prohibited also in Germany. Hitler simply exempted his henchmen and himself of responsibility for such crimes.

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  8. Is the restoration of such responsibility for crime an ex post facto law? Is it a destruction of the guaranties of individual liberty? Do we not adhere to the principle that no liberty can justify crime, oppression, and cruelty? Because of his desire to prevent future genocidal attacks from going unchecked, and because the Nuremberg trials did not attempt to assign individual responsibility for atrocities which occurred under Hitler before the outbreak of the war, Dr.

    Lemkin continued to work for the establishment of an international treaty prohibiting crimes against a nation. He continued writing see attached bibliography and advocating for such a document, and he became a permanent fixture at the fledgling United Nations Organization, where he walked the corridors prodding and persuading hesitant delegates.

    In order to retain his independence as an advocate, he accepted no titles or financial assistance from any government, and he himself wrote the initial draft of what was to become the Genocide Convention.

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    During the days of his intense lobbying efforts, he was known by some as a "dreamer" and a "fanatic," but by others as an "exceedingly patient" and "totally unofficial man. General Assembly approved the Convention of December 9, reporters who went looking for him to share in his triumph found him in a darkened assembly hall, weeping in solitude.

    Between and his death, Dr. Lemkin continued to travel to state capitals to eloquently speak for ratification of the Convention for which he was responsible. Between March and June he was an instructor in international law at Yale, where he taught a course on United Nations Law.

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