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It seems that many benefits come out of homecomings so why not try it? If I had the choice as a kid to be not cooped up in a classroom for thirteen years of my life, I would most definitely choose the other option of being able to spend more time outside because of being homesteaded. Children, who are homesteaded, are protected from distractions, and their questions are answered to the full potential.

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5 Things Research Says about Homeschooling

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Quick View. Recent posts, you won't want to miss Great Homeschool Conventions Leave a Reply Cancel reply Recipe Rating. I encourage you to do your own research if you want more information.

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If you want to know more about online schooling I recommend a Google Search or talking to your district. Two of the biggest concerns I have heard about homeschooling are that children do not have normal socialization experiences and this will affect their ability to relate to others, and parents are not certified teachers so how do we know that homeschooled students are getting a quality education.

Brian Ray: Homeschoolers as Adults, The Research

These results cut across racial and socio-economic lines. Numerous studies demonstrate that homeschooled students obtain exceptionally high scores on standardized academic achievement tests.

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For instance, one nationwide study analyzed data from 1, homeschooled students across the country and found that the students, on average, scored at the eightieth percentile or higher in every test category i. The national mean for these standardized tests, by contrast, was the fiftieth percentile. Numerous other studies have comparable results. For example, two other national studies also found that home schooled students excelled academically.

A nation wide study of 20, homeschooled students in grade levels K found the median standardized test scores to be in the seventieth to eightieth percentile.

State-level studies have reached the same conclusion. A study in Washington State involving the Stanford Achievement Test scores of homeschooled children found their median test scores to be in the sixty-fifth to sixty-sixth percentile range. In fact, several studies which were conducted at state departments of education found that homeschooled students score highly on academic achievement tests. Additionally, in , Dr.

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research paper on homeschool Research paper on homeschool
research paper on homeschool Research paper on homeschool
research paper on homeschool Research paper on homeschool
research paper on homeschool Research paper on homeschool
research paper on homeschool Research paper on homeschool

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