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As it is low cost airlines, it can aim for customers who are currently using non-aircraft methods like, Bus, Trains, car to go to distances. Huge investment to purchase air planes and implementing latest technologies there is high amount of functional cost. The airfare times are pretty much limited by 2. So they cannot operate flights of longer duration without the Frill, so No-Frill becomes impossible to use for passengers.

Low fares offer by AirAsia has encourage folks from all walks of life style to fly. Especially, during current economic climate down change. Airbus A would encourage better passenger capacity and offer comfortable service to customers. With the commitment in guaranteeing the security of staff and customers, customer will have significantly more confident to take flight via AirAsia. There are more no-frills airlines might take off in Asia to meet increasing consumer demand following a success history of Malaysia's budget carrier AirAsia.

Singapore Airlines projects to establish a budget carrier, they see the success of AirAsia. They know how big the marketplace is and how good the opportunity is at Asia. Travelers may not choose AirAsia if they're to visit long distance air travel.

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Utilising one type of plane Boeing which is fully changed with Airbus A ends in reduction of maintenance cost one of the major expenses in flight industry , arranging cost, administrative cost, and inventory of parts. Creative and low-cost advertising significantly reduces marketing cost. On the other hand, AirAsia direct selling through internet, call centres, walk-in air-port sales, and sales offices significantly reduce the commission fee to travel real estate agents as AirAsia only given its sales to.

Malaysia introduction as a local business and travel and leisure hub has provided AirAsia plenty of room for expansion and has fuelled regional air passenger traffic. AirAsia has been using this "connection point" to promote their business. Extending current services into new market segments may be helpful to further growth of this company.

You'll be able to accomplish that strategy by starting existing services into new geographical area or new market sections. Adding new routes and vacation spots are possible; especially there is growth Malaysia and East Asia travel and leisure. New destinations are implemented to accomplish new market development.

An Analysis Of Singapore Airlines Performance Commerce Essay

Airline flight number in new destination is the ultimate way to measure consequence of this strategy. Introducing new services into existing market segments indicates product development. This plan involves the introduction of fresh competencies and requires business to broaden personalized services which can apply to current markets. That's why Emirate Airlines bring in high quality first class private lounges to catch the attention of business travelers. By studying Infestation, SWOT and marketing research, maybe it's said that AirAsia is situated in standard circuit markets where it get competitive advantage because of its business policy and strategy.

Providing customers with superior products and services with low fare is synonymous to the AirAsia brand. However, it's important that Airasia should re-evaluate its strategies and concentrate on core worth and competencies. For this why, AirAsia should reconsider their market and specific routes to acquire value apart from price and endure the competition. From this study, it is possible to say that still there exists various other option to increase the corporation. Adding new path and producing business class suite may be suited option for AirAsia for further growth.

To remain leader on the market in serving customers, AirAsia has to re-evaluate their current strategy.

Does Singapore Airlines Have the Most Intense Cabin Crew Training in the World?

Advice for improvement can be layed out as follows:. AirAsia should make any major changes to their strategy after proper complex and feasibility study to avoid pointless risks. Oil price is a large factor to low fare airlines. Which means this company should make longer deals with fuel suppliers to get more stability. As Airasia runs their fight very frequently, so they must have a spare plane at each location to avoid delays.

AirAsia should think about environmentally friendly procedure system as such as carbon offsetting to save lots of environment.

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Price Calculator. How it works Price Calculator. For instance, the revolutions witnessed in the Arab world curtail the extent to which the entity can make flights to these regions. With its operations traversing multiple countries, SIA, for instance, requires attendants who are conversant with multiple cultures. Such a requirement means that the entity has to spend a substantial amount in staffing and talent management initiatives. Accordingly, in countries with poor internet connectivity, the entity may lose customers due to inaccessibility of its online services.

Go to the conclusion here. Manage Your Orders E-mail. Relevance of Management Theories to organisations today August 20th, Since the development of scientific theory of management by Frederick W. Taylor, there have been sev [ How Inflation affects Unemployment Level August 20th, Various macroeconomic evaluations have attempted to describe the relationship that exists between in [ Nursing: - Community needs assessment July 20th, Assessment of community health needs is critical for the determination of resources needed to provid [ How the practice of nursing and patient care delivery is Evolving in the U.

July 6th, The healthcare reform in the U. Porter argued that where suppliers have strong bargaining power, the relative position of businesses is relatively weak. Unusually for a transportation industry, suppliers to the airline industry are in a relatively strong bargaining position.

Fleets to the industry are supplied by what is effectively a duopoly — Boeing and Airbus —, while an oligopoly exists in the supply of engines General Electric, Pratt and Whitney, and Rolls Royce. With so few suppliers in operation, manufacturers are able to unilaterally establish prices and set delivery times Olienyk, and Carbaugh, This paper has examined the business environment, the resources held by the company and the threats and opportunities facing Singapore Airlines. Emerging from this analysis is a picture of a company with an excellent reputation in fine financial health. While there is little danger of the company succumbing to the competition any time soon, there are, however, a number of environmental threats, of which it must remain cognizant, if it is to remain the leader of what can be an intensely competitive industry.

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Importantly, the company will need to develop new markets, particularly in India and North America, and develop its low cost arm in order to meet changing consumer demands. Air Transport World Singapore Airlines boosts Tigerair stake. Accessed on 12 October Beria, P. Alitalia—the failure of a national carrier. Journal of Air Transport Management, 17 4 , Bloomberg Businessweek Singapore airlines completion rise. Centre for Aviation Singapore Airlines reduces focus on US market as non-stop flights are dropped.

Chan, D. The story of Singapore airlines and the Singapore girl. Journal of Management Development, 19 6 , Cook, A. The hidden cost of airline unpunctuality. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy , Fu, X.

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Air transport liberalization and its effects on airline competition and traffic Growth: An overview. Hakimian, H. Heracleous, L. Flying High in a Competitive Industry. Singapore: McGraw Hill. In Inderwildi, O. London: Springer. Singapore Airlines: Achieving sustainable advantage through mastering paradox. Lim, S. Online loyalty programs viewed from a searchability perspective.


Markides, C. Pioneering and first mover advantages: the importance of business models. Long Range Planning, 46 4 , Olienyk, J.

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singapore airlines swot analysis essays Singapore airlines swot analysis essays
singapore airlines swot analysis essays Singapore airlines swot analysis essays
singapore airlines swot analysis essays Singapore airlines swot analysis essays
singapore airlines swot analysis essays Singapore airlines swot analysis essays
singapore airlines swot analysis essays Singapore airlines swot analysis essays
singapore airlines swot analysis essays Singapore airlines swot analysis essays
singapore airlines swot analysis essays Singapore airlines swot analysis essays

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