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Three Creative Brief Templates + Your Projects = Success

You could even expand upon this with some market research from your existing customers. What do they want to see? What will help you to help them? If you think it will be important — include a section about your old site. Who are your main competitors? Some may have particular areas of interest i. Which sites have great designs that you like? Take a look at things like layout, colour schemes , typography, photography, and unique tools or features.

Cool fonts like the ones on yyy. The whole website just needs to ooze sports, fitness, and wellbeing. Pay attention to any nice user interface features you like. Do you like lifestyle photography or illustrations?

How to Write a Website Design Brief

How much of a free reign do you want our designers to have? This section is very important for larger projects. In order to avoid scope creep later into the project and additional costs be as thorough as you can here. Describe how the site will be managed on a day-to-day basis. How regularly will you be updating and adding content?

Insights from a digital agency

Will any form of data export be required from the site? Other than standard Google Analytics, do you need to gather any more on-going data from the site? Will you be providing new content for the site? If so, it will be a good idea at this point to plot a rough sitemap in your brief. How many pages will there be in total? Be clear on who makes up the team for producing this content, and what the approval process is. Supply of content is very often a sticking point in delaying website launches, so start considering this from day 1.

How To Write A Website Brief

How much on-going support do you think will be required for the site? What might you need help with moving forward? Any modern hosting setup should be secure, provide regular backups, and most of all provide a website that is fast. Digital marketing is absolutely vital to the success of your new website. If you already have marketing plans in place, it can be helpful to summarise them. Sometimes a timescale might not be of importance — and the project can take as much time as it needs to get right.

It's made my digital marketing tangible, measureable and actionable. In an increasingly crowded world, design work is key for businesses as they fight for mental availability through distinctiveness and clear branding. As businesses put design at the heart of their processes, there is a growing need to deliver great design briefs that work. In over fifteen years of writing design briefs, great ones, average ones and bad ones, I can unilaterally state that if a design brief is rubbish, packed full of non-essential information, with gaps in critical parts and devoid of emotional hooks, even the best designers are going to struggle to do great work.

The Best Way to Write a Creative Brief (Includes Templates)

Access the Website design and build briefing template. No one starts out to do a bad job but the process is time-consuming and requires a lot of thinking. It raises difficult strategic choices, which teams find uncomfortable to make. All too often the process is basic and just ticks the same boxes, which inevitably leads to less than inspiring work coming back.

A great brief condenses key information, insights and customer understandings into an inspiring brief. Talk articulately, knowledgeably and passionately about your business, brand and target customers. Bring to life the challenges your products and services are facing, or the opportunity you have identified in the market.

Do that and you can inspire your designers to do some really outstanding work. So how do you create a brilliant design brief that does just that? There are two when it comes to design briefs. The key objective of a design brief is to fuel the creativity of the designer who will use it to deliver great work.

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They need to be inspired to find solutions to the challenge you have. Marketers and designers are often kept apart by account management teams. Keeping this objective in mind should minimize how much is lost in translation during the design process. Ideally, the briefing will happen face-to-face. That way you can iron out any confusion, discuss any challenges and answer any outstanding questions. You need it to formulate your thinking, align your internal stakeholders, if you have any, and evaluate the work when it comes back. There are hundreds of templates available for writing design briefs.

They vary massively in style and language but they mostly use a core set of building blocks. They can be broken down into:.

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  • Company - This is useful as it provides context to the brief. Market — The design work will likely be answering a challenge or opportunity in the market, so share the topline market information, successful new product launches and any emerging trends or new entrants. Identify key competitors. Outline their performance and any share any significant successes and failures. One element that often gets left out for product packaging is the in-store environment.

    State the objective of the design work as concisely and specifically as possible.

    It may contribute on many levels to broader marketing objectives but getting one clear objective for the brief is really powerful. Objectives tend to be about change, so make the language dynamic. Is it about changing perception, or behavior, from X to Y?

    01. Who is the client and what do they do?

    Is it to attract a new target consumer? Be realistic about the potential outcomes of design work. Increasing sales or market share are the jobs of the whole marketing plan, not design work. Bring to life the target audience for the designers. Use visuals if that helps. What should the customer think, feel and perhaps do as a result of the design work? Share key insights about their lives, their habits and perceptions of the brand today.

    What role does the category play in their lives? What are their unmet needs or conflicts for them with the category or products? This part is where most discussions will be had before and during the briefing, and where the most energy will go once the work has started. You will have talked about some of the broader challenges for the brand and target customer already but this is the single challenge the design work will answer this challenge, so it should be clear and compelling. Think about getting the conflict and emotion of the challenge into the statement. The mental imagery you create with the language you use is important.

    It might be the articulation of a negative customer perception or an exciting opportunity to take the market by storm. Sharing visuals to bring the brand and design challenge to life is also useful to give the designer a feel for the style, tonality and visual handwriting you are trying to capture.

    Creating a Design Brief

    Provide images of things that will be present alongside the new design work, existing visuals or campaigns. Share images or colors you like, or you think might work for the project. Show images of taking an idea too far to give some boundaries. Be prepared for the designers to challenge it if they think another direction would be stronger in meeting your brief.

    Share anything that is a must. If there are brand or logo guidelines, with fonts and colour palette to use, that needs to be shared and noted here.

    writing a creative brief for website design Writing a creative brief for website design
    writing a creative brief for website design Writing a creative brief for website design
    writing a creative brief for website design Writing a creative brief for website design
    writing a creative brief for website design Writing a creative brief for website design
    writing a creative brief for website design Writing a creative brief for website design
    writing a creative brief for website design Writing a creative brief for website design

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